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Upon commencement of your tenancy you are required to pay a bond/security deposit, which is held in trust with the RTBA (Residential Tenancies Bond Authority) for the duration of the tenancy. The bond payment is equivalent to one months rent and may be paid by either Bank Cheque or Money Order. Bank cheques and Money Orders must be for the full amount of the bond and made payable to RTBA, we will then send the Bank Cheque or Money Order to the RTBA.

 At the end of your tenancy we will assess the condition of the property based on the initial condition report to make sure that no damage has been caused and the property has been left in the same clean manner it was provided to you at the beginning of tenancy. If there are no discrepancies you can expect a full bond refund form within 14 days after you vacate. Should we need to retain money from your bond your property manager will contact you to provide you with the opportunity to rectify the concerns. Alternatively if an agreement is not reached we will arrange to claim the money from your bond.