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End of lease agreement

If you wish to vacate the property at the expiry of you lease agreement, you must provide twenty eight days written notice. The twenty eight days will commence from the first business day after your Notice to Vacate is received.

Periodic Tenancy (No longer a fixed term lease)

If you are no longer on a fixed term lease you are able to provide a minimum of twenty eight days written notice.

Leaving Before Your Lease Ends (Break of Lease)

Should you need to vacate the premises before your lease expires you will be liable for the loss suffered by your landlord, which includes paying for the following:

• Rent until the property is re-let
• All advertising incurred
• Letting fee

You may also be required to hold open for inspections for potential tenants. 
We will assist you through the process and commence searching for a new tenant for you as quickly as possible to minimise your costs.

Assigning Your Lease to Another Person (Transfer of Lease)

In the event that you find another person to take over the lease or would like someone to move in with you, you must seek the landlord’s approval. Prior to the potential tenant moving in, they are required to submit an application and be approved. The name(s) the bond is held in by RTBA will also need to be changed to reflect the correct tenants name(s), which incurs a transfer fee.